Welcome to Dottie’s Detox Diary: My Kuka Juice Cleanse


Yep, that’s right.  My seven day Kuka juice cleanse using begins today! (Kuka Juice is located in downtown Greenville and all juice is cold pressed locally. I can't wait to share with you this week why I love Kuka!)   More on Kuka 

I have wanted to do another cleanse for a while now, so I figured I might as well invite you to come along. #accountability


 I am no stranger to detoxing, but I would never identify myself as a ‘joyful juicer’ or a ‘super happy and compliant detoxer.’  I can pretty much guarantee that my close friends are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads at my latest antic! Maybe not, but I may not get called to go to Community Tap this week! 

My history with juicing began around 2012 after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I am all about trying new things and after seeing Joe’s amazing transformation, I decided to give it a go.  I settled on the cheapest juicer Target had to offer and got to work.  I was immediately horrified at how much produce it takes to get a 8oz of juice.  I committed to three days of only juice.  I found myself at the local Mexican restaurant double fisting the chips and dip before the sun set on day three.

 My juicer sat idle until I begin following Meredith Baird’s blog(Anderson friends, y'all know the fabulous Meredith!) and read her book, Everyday Raw Detox.  She educated me on the importance of the type of juice you are drinking and how much.  Her mixture of ingredients and her recipes created a balance of needed nourishment and cleansing elements.  My concept of juicing expanded, and I began experimenting with her recipes.  I spent this time focusing on learning more about adding raw juice to my diet rather than attempt another cleanse.  I learned to enjoy it more and saw changes in the way I felt and even my complexion.  It was also during this time that I added a Vitamix to my kitchen counter.  I was immediately hooked, and I still use it pretty much everyday. 

And as the story goes, my desire for mimosas outweighs my want of kale juice.  My juicer collected dust and my Vitamix makes a mean margarita.  I have not committed to another juice only cleanse…until now. 

 I have sought to be open on my blog about my relationship with food,(article in Whole Magazine),  body image, and a full on love hate relationship with fitness.  My #30before30 project opened up these ideas to focus much more on my inner health than a desired external result.  It has NOT been a linear journey.  I have had victories and setbacks, as I am sure most of y’all can agree.  I have stocked my shelves with chia seeds, but there is an empty pack of Oreos in my trash can.  Following my father’s death, I jumped head first into old patterns of escapism , finding comfort in Krispy Kreme and wine.  And like so many, I have jumped on and off and on an off.  But as I have said before, and believe so deeply, it doesn’t matter how many times you 'fall off' as long as you 'get back on.' 

What I have been most grateful for during the last several years of reeducating myself on food is that I genuinely FEEL better from the bottom of feet to the top of my head when I nourish myself with the real stuff.  And the past nine months have been a case study in how wretched I can feel when I choose to not, but how amazing I feel when I do.  

The past few months, I have enjoyed being filled with the joy and energy healthy living gives me.  

Whether I am kickboxing with my friend Erika


or pretending to be a ballerina at Barre class, I love that working out is an instant mood lifter.  

Instead of doughuts, I am actually cooking my chicken and veggies again.  And while I have cut out a lot of the junky junk junk, I still have lots of improvements to make.  

WHY THE KUKA CLEANSE? In short, the ladies of Kuka embody living their joy and passion.  Their connection with each other, desire for whole living, and general hustle has inspired me since I first discovered their juice.  It was really a no brainer that I wanted Kuka to be part of my sharing this week with you guys, and check back daily for more on Kuka...


My desire is to create a space that encourages us to live each day with joyful purpose and intention.

I believe the most important work of our lives is discovering our true identity and living in that truth. 

I believe that if we seek to find our worth and value in God alone then we can live with greater peace and joy. 


For me this cleanse I am beginning today is about leaning more into the living a healthy life in body and spirit.  

Sure, I want to drop a few pounds like most women, but I am embracing this next week with a different pursuit.  I truly want to nourish my insides the way I am intentionally nourishing other parts of my life on this journey.  My father did not take care of his physical body.  In fact, I would argue he abused it—lack of rest, poor diet, no exercise---the list goes on and on. You may even be like him--a person who takes care of everyone but yourself. As I look towards another birthday, I can’t help but refocus my motivations for my physical body.  This is not a quick fix .  And I would not even call it a ‘reset.’  

It’s just another step towards onward and upward. 

So, over the next week, I would love for you to follow my detox, and hey—join me if you dare!  To follow @DottieCamak, use hashtags: #krazyforkuka #yeahTHATgreenville #whatsgoingongvl #greenvillesc #juicing #coldpressed #dottiesdetox #mykukacleanse #myjuicecleanse

And moving forward, I will still be the girl who takes pictures of my potions

Especially when I put them in a wine glass


I will always tell you when I make something healthy and whole


And shy away from revealing my Bojangles incidents.  

I will still raise a glass or three of champagne (and on occasion Rose, if I'm feeling fancy!)

And coffee will be my forever friend


But I’m a total fan of challenges(especially when it means I WON a shopping spree--THANK YOU BARRE EVOLUTION)


So here’s to riceless sushi instagrams 

But saying yes to living in the present and heck, sometimes that means big old fried sushi rolls and fun! (And POSTING THOSE PHOTOS TOO!)


I am going to choose joy and keep choosing it


And I can bet this next week is going to be a real test! 


For all the details on what my seven days will consist of, stay tuned for new content everday! I will let you know all the fun facts!



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To follow, use hashtags: #krazyforkuka #yeahTHATgreenville #whatsgoingongvl #greenvillesc #juicing #coldpressed #dottiesdetox #mykukacleanse #myjuicecleanse



Happy Cleansing!