Update: Day One and FAQ


DAY ONE: Hi friends! Day one is in the books! I had a great day of juicing, and it really worked itself into my typical day nicely!  It actually freed up some time that is normally dedicated to food prep or you know, going to Zoes.  I maintained my normal morning workout routine, but I was nervous I would hit a wall in the afternoon.  But it was actually quite the opposite. My workday was productive, and I joined a friend on the Swamp Rabbit trail for a walk later on.  I could not believe I got in bed at 9:30! I was so excited!!  I have not gotten to sleep that earlier(consistently) in a long time.  It used to be standard bedtime for me, and my friends knew me as a grandma because of it.  I just like the way I feel when I am early to bed and early to rise.  But it's oh so much easier said or desired than actually done!!  And I am not even a wife or mother! Props to you parents out there! I woke up before my alarm and ready to seize this day up!!! 

I am aware that the second and third days can be rough.  And I have no doubt, I will be questioning my decision, but I am glad to be doing it and sharing it with you.  For all the latest, follow me on Twitter! 


On the daily: what I am consuming on this cleanse

Six 16-ounce bottles of Kuka juice  

Kuka Juice offers a large menu of stellar juices! Their standard cleanse gives you a variety of their staple cleanses.  They even have an all green cleanse that features the ahhmazing Greenville juice I told you was so lovely.  What sets Kuka apart from other juice cleanses is that the ladies are committed to personally creating a menu just for you. If there is a particular juice that you don’t like, they can easily swap it out with something that is comparable.  For example, my friend detest pineapple—I know it’s a shame—well, that’s not an issue for Kuka.  They can tailor your juices to your taste buds but they do not compromise nutrition and detoxing.  You may have seen a lot of companies that sell online now, especially those “deals” that come through on Groupon.  Unfortunately, you can end up limited in your selection.  And more often than not, some of these suppliers are not fresh cold pressed juices.  THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.  More on that later.

My selections:

kick some acid. [spinach, orange, pineapple]
green with envy. [kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, lemon, ginger ]
skinny genes. [spinach, grapefruit, green apple, ginger, lemon, cayenne ]
mint to be. [cucumber, pineapple, apple, mint ]
upbeet. [beet, carrot, orange, lime ]
vanilla dream. [activated almonds, medjool dates, vanilla bean, purified water, cinnamon, himalayan sea salt]

I love that there is an option to include raw almond milk in the cleanse.  It’s an added protein and a yummy treat at the end of the day! It was like a milkshake last night!


So, I have already had a lot of you guys ask me questions about juicing.  I love it! I think it is best if I turn the converation over to the experts.  Here are some common questions the ladies of Kuka Juice hear, and these are their answers: {from their official website}

Why juice? Can’t  I just eat a salad?

Drinking cold-pressed juice allows your body to receive maximum benefits from fresh fruits and vegetables quickly and conveniently. Juicing releases vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals from the fiber.  This allows highly concentrated nutrients to directly enter your cells in a rapid and effective manner.  Each juice is packed with live enzymes and nutrients, providing your body with the boost of nutrition it craves. Each and every kuka juice contains 3-5 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables [talk about a mega dose of nutrients in one bottle]. Eating that much produce would take quite some time. We at kuka juice believe that health starts from the inside out, and improving the internal environment of your body plays a key role in reaching optimal health.

When and where do you make my juice?

Each morning, before delivery, all of our juices are handcrafted in our licensed, certified, DHEC and FDA inspected commercial kitchen [not a factory]. We take tremendous pride in the production process- cleanliness and quality are our number one priority in keeping your body happy and safe.

My juice looks separated, is it bad?  

No.  Separation occurs naturally, as we do not add binders, fillers or additives-our juice is 100% pure.  Just give your juice a nice shake and enjoy.

I’m not vegetarian, is this juice for me?

Of course!  Kuka juice is for everyone!  All human bodies benefit from our pressed juices.  Whether you enjoy kuka juice once a week, once a day, or  several times a day- you will reap the nourishing and revitalizing benefits with each sip.

How is kuka juice different from those fancy juices I see at my local grocery store?

All “juices” sold in your local grocery store are required to be pasteurized.  Pasteurization involves heating the juice and then cooling it during the manufacturing process in order to kill bacteria to prolong shelf life.  Unfortunately, pasteurization also kills vitamins, minerals and living enzymes, leaving these “juices” you find at your local grocery store with questionable nutritional value. Our juices are  100% pure- we do not further pasteurize or process our juices and we never add anything-  no sugar, no water, no preservatives, no colors, no fillers. The fact that these grocery store “juices” can sit on the shelf for weeks at a time should give you some indication of just how “fresh” they actually are.

What about the juices from other juice bars?

Most juice bars use a centrifugal or masticating juicer, which increases oxidation due to heat and oxygen generated during the extraction process.  This also kills vital nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.  We are proud to bring cold-pressed juices to the Upstate. Our state of the art hydraulic press minimizes heat and oxidation, providing you with juice containing 3-5 times more nutrients than other juice bars. Juices made on a centrifugal juicer should be consumed within 10 minutes, while our cold-pressed juices have a shelf life of 3-4 days, maintaining optimal nutrition.

Is a juice cleanse recommended if I have a chronic health condition that requires prescription medication?

If you are taking prescription medications for a chronic illness, always consult your healthcare professional before embarking on a cleanse.  Keep in mind that while a juice cleanse may not be appropriate to partake in while on certain medications, you will find that many of our juices can make a nutritious, delicious and physician approved addition to your daily routine!

What about juicing vs. blending?


Juicing and blending both work wonders for your health. Blending provides you with nutrients and fiber.  The purpose of juicing is to  give your body’s digestive system a break [fiber interrupts this process]. Juicing fuels your cells with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  You also consume much more fruits and vegetables with juicing compared to blending. Most of our juices contain between three to four pounds of fresh produce per bottle.

What is this I hear about chewing the juice?

We know it sounds odd, but yes- chew your juice! The act of chewing produces salivary amylase which promotes healthy digestion. Also, you never want to gulp down fresh juice. This can cause unwanted gas and bloating. So take your time and swish it around, your body will thank you.

But where will I get my protein?

Contrary to belief, meat is not the only source of protein.  In fact the standard American diet is way too high in animal-based protein.  Plant foods are an excellent source of amino acids. Dark leafy greens in the juices provide your body with the protein it needs, keeping it healthy and happy.

{source: Kuka Juice official website}