Well, folks--THAT'S A WRAP!!!  I completed My Kuka Cleanse #dottiesdetox.  I can hardly believe it myself!! 

Day Seven felt very natural.  Very similar to day five and six, I was in a groove.  No hunger and energy level great.  It was a pretty normal Tuesday.....

And check out that juice: heartBEET!!!!  It My ❤  WAS bEEting! Lunch time was a fiesta! ‪#‎tomatoes‬ ‪#‎cilantro‬ ‪#‎jalapeño‬.  I highly recommned this juice if you want something with spice and to give yout taste buds something different.  It was very satisfying too.  I probably would not have been drawn to a juice like this before I began the cleanse, but it may now be a favorite.  I worked from home Tuesday and still see no real reason for a desk. The floor has alllll the space! 

I finished out day seven by making it to Community Tap after all! Whoop!!! Who needs beer when you have this dream?

So the cleanse was scheduled for one week, and I knew coming off the cleanse would require a smart transistion.  The Kuka ladies encourage slowly introducing food back into your diet with a whole and plant based diet.  Continuing with daily juices is also a good way to keep the energy and groove.  With a few extra juices in tow, I woke up on day eight and headed straight for my water and juice!!! I can't quit you, Kuka!! 

By Day Nine, I was enjoying a rediscovery of how tasty REAL food and RAW food can be! It really feels like my taste buds have been awakened to TRUE FLAVOR.  YUMMMY!!!  With several days post cleanse, I believe it is not the end OR the beginning.  Really, it's just another step in the journey! I will have mimosas again...doughnuts are still delightful....and pizza is always fine by me....but with every step or even mistep, I think the path will keep leading me onward and upward!!  I hope it inspires you to do the same! 

Thanks for following along with ‪#‎dottiesdetox‬ and Kuka Juice for the last week! I have had a blast and I am really grateful for the ‪accountability‬ and encouragement towards ‪‎intentional living‬.

The results are ridiculous:

  • a loss of 9.4 lbs,
  • transformed skin
  • increased energy
  • better sleep 

But more so,  is that the cleanse gave me more mentally and spiritually than I expected. If our motivation is based from a deeper place, I believe our entire relationship with food, fitness, and wellness can transform. Not overnight, of course, but a continual refocusing and shifting. My own journey over the years has been marked with ‪obesity‬, weight loss‬, diets, poor ‪‎body image‬ , and yo yo weight gain/loss.  But with 'baby steps,' education, and faith, those years have also produced true growth and change. And that my friends, is really cool!

Continue to let me know if you have‬ questions!!