Wow, hard to believe I am blogging about day five and six! There was at least one point during day two when day six felt like forever away!  I have nothing but love for day five and six.  Seriously.  I really hit my groove and it was natural to drink my juice! The natural high is intoxicating and addicting! I truly want to feel this good all the time!!! 

If you missed the Day Five video update, you can watch it here:

I can not emphasize enough how much I mean what I said about getting past day three.  I have lived this story with cleanses, diets, detoxes, yada, yada, yada...and it is true.  My day four was so much better than day two and three(I actually may venture to say day two was the hardest!). And day five and six just got progressively better than the previous days.  And unlike a normal change or diet where you just "get used to it" after day three, I actually FELT the change! 

That is not to say I have not had my temptations, moments of doubt, and wanting to eat! Just look at this moment below!!!!  #thestruggleisreal

But, I can say with this Kuka Cleanse, it is shifting my 'cravings.'  I told a friend last night that I actually really want to take a trip to Whole Foods and make a $16.00 kale salad.  (Who am I!?!) I'm not real concerned about this bizarre new craving because I know it would not take too much convincing to get a cupcake from The Chocolatte Mouse or cookie from the Swiss Bakery off Augusta....but, wait, maybe it will?  The sugar situation is not cool, folks. And I am one of the millions addicted to sugar.  I want to consider that more as I transistion out of the cleanse mode, but from the lens of mind, body, and spirit.  And at this point in my journey, I think #treatyoself moments are just fine and should be celebrated!! 

There is one question/topic/concern that I have had from a number of you and so I am just going to bring it to the conversation here:

Yes, my friends: the bathroom! It is normal during changes of diet to experience a change in your potty habits.  The obvious is that you will most likely urinate a lot more because of the increase in liquids and water consumption.  You may, however, not have a bile movement(I'm sorry I can't even type those words without giggling..I'm 31, Lawd help me!) as soon as you feel like you should.  Since I have been cleaning up my diet (slowly but surely) over the past few months, I did not have much of a problem.  However, it was delayed! The experts recommmend a product like Smooth Move to help the process if you need some lovin...and just sip that water all day..evvverrrday.

Day Six ended with my cocoa loco treat.  I told you my other napkin was linen ;) 


Thanks for following along on Instagram and Twitter!! I have loved connecting with you guys! And I have really enjoyed meeting new folks during the past week! If you have not already, please say "hi" over at Twitter or Instagram.  I am so grateful for the encouragement and accountability.  We are all in this life together, sweet friends, so why not lift each other up?!  It's so much more fun.  We fall but we get back up, and we share the load and sometimes carry each other! For that I am sooo grateful! 

Check back again for final thoughts on this week and what happens next! Until then, I'll be WORKIN & WERKIN DAY 7!  (Thanks for the awesome tank, Barre Evolution!)  6AM Express class was awesome this morning! 

May we all remember it!! PROGRESS not perfection!!!