Good afternoon, from this #krazykuka lady! Two days of my seven day cleanse are in the books! Day Two began EARLY!  I woke up Thursday about an hour before my alarm clock went off! And I felt great! I had completed my morning routine and was in front of my computer working by 4:30AM.  Ha! WHAT IS IN THAT JUICE?!


I was a little worried that meant a crash was inevitable, but I sipped my first green juice and continued on.  

I attended Barre Class because I felt my energy level could handle it.  

As the day continued, I did notice my thoughts going to food and cravings.  But as soon as I had more water and/or it was time for a juice, those thoughts faded.  It was a good exercise in observing how often what my mind thinks it wants vs. actually having a physical need.  

Lunch was all about the Beets.  I started thinking about how I needed to push through my to-do list and work before heading to Dave Matthews concert this weekend!  (juice in tow!) 

During the early-mid afternoon, I heard my doubts creeping in.  “What are you thinking?” “You can’t do this.” “Seriously, go eat some cheese dip.” My journey and faith walk has taught me to be more in tune with these triggers.  They are lies and they are the enemy of growth.  As I lean in more to the connection of body, mind, and spirit, I want to address these “doubters” as I would if I were facing something I deemed “spiritual.”  As a Christian, I look at certain things in my life that perhaps tempt me to sin as my fles” or lies from the Enemy.  Until a few years ago, I very much separated and categorized my life.  I had my 'spiritual walk' and 'spiritual struggles' in one category and my 'physical struggles and/or temptations' very much in another. I did not connect them.  In a very Baby Steps sort of way, I have begun to accept over time the divine connection between all.  Did I mention Baby Steps?

My friend is also doing a detox cleanse this week and she has been a wonderful source of encouragement and accountability.  She encouraged me to pray during these moments by shifting my mindset and heart into that of a FAST.  I like this.  Another level of purpose and intention.  (And for all you sticklers, I'm not trying to "tell" you I'm doing a biblical fast..so please refrain from citing Matthew 6 to me. haha! This detox cleanse, though, is just another indicator that our mind, body, hearts, and spirit are intertwined!! Whoop!! 

Day Two wrapped up with this video:

And a dear evening around the dining room table of one of the loveliest women I have ever met! (An evening and experience that deserves it’s own story apart from #dottiesdetox and one I want to share on my personal blog with you soon.) 

In short day two ended with my energy level beginning to decrease.  I was ready for bed.  I felt really great, though! My tank was empty,(minus a 'lil bitty sipping of adult juice at dinner) but my spirit felt full.  This idea of progress not perfection is settling down in my heart, even though I fight it all the time.  

And from the Juice Experts, here are just SOME of the MANY benefits of doing a juice cleanse: (I have already experienced several of these!! Yay!)   
•    increases energy.
•    removes toxins.
•    fights disease.
•    heightens mental clarity.
•    aids in weight loss.
•    regulates digestive system.
•    better sleep patterns.
•    Radiant complexion.
•    improves immune function.
•    stops food addictions and cravings.
•    healthy hair and nails.
{source Kuka Juice official website} 


And while you are weekending, stroll on over to the TD Saturday Market between 8:30-12:30 and grab some Kuka Juice! #treatyoself