UPDATE DAY 7 AND 8?! {and Final Thoughts}

Well, folks--THAT'S A WRAP!!!  I completed My Kuka Cleanse #dottiesdetox.  I can hardly believe it myself!! 

Day Seven felt very natural.  Very similar to day five and six, I was in a groove.  No hunger and energy level great.  It was a pretty normal Tuesday.....

And check out that juice: heartBEET!!!!  It My ❤  WAS bEEting! Lunch time was a fiesta! ‪#‎tomatoes‬ ‪#‎cilantro‬ ‪#‎jalapeño‬.  I highly recommned this juice if you want something with spice and to give yout taste buds something different.  It was very satisfying too.  I probably would not have been drawn to a juice like this before I began the cleanse, but it may now be a favorite.  I worked from home Tuesday and still see no real reason for a desk. The floor has alllll the space! 

I finished out day seven by making it to Community Tap after all! Whoop!!! Who needs beer when you have this dream?

So the cleanse was scheduled for one week, and I knew coming off the cleanse would require a smart transistion.  The Kuka ladies encourage slowly introducing food back into your diet with a whole and plant based diet.  Continuing with daily juices is also a good way to keep the energy and groove.  With a few extra juices in tow, I woke up on day eight and headed straight for my water and juice!!! I can't quit you, Kuka!! 

By Day Nine, I was enjoying a rediscovery of how tasty REAL food and RAW food can be! It really feels like my taste buds have been awakened to TRUE FLAVOR.  YUMMMY!!!  With several days post cleanse, I believe it is not the end OR the beginning.  Really, it's just another step in the journey! I will have mimosas again...doughnuts are still delightful....and pizza is always fine by me....but with every step or even mistep, I think the path will keep leading me onward and upward!!  I hope it inspires you to do the same! 

Thanks for following along with ‪#‎dottiesdetox‬ and Kuka Juice for the last week! I have had a blast and I am really grateful for the ‪accountability‬ and encouragement towards ‪‎intentional living‬.

The results are ridiculous:

  • a loss of 9.4 lbs,
  • transformed skin
  • increased energy
  • better sleep 

But more so,  is that the cleanse gave me more mentally and spiritually than I expected. If our motivation is based from a deeper place, I believe our entire relationship with food, fitness, and wellness can transform. Not overnight, of course, but a continual refocusing and shifting. My own journey over the years has been marked with ‪obesity‬, weight loss‬, diets, poor ‪‎body image‬ , and yo yo weight gain/loss.  But with 'baby steps,' education, and faith, those years have also produced true growth and change. And that my friends, is really cool!

Continue to let me know if you have‬ questions!! 


Update: Day Five and Six


Update: Day Five and Six

Wow, hard to believe I am blogging about day five and six! There was at least one point during day two when day six felt like forever away!  I have nothing but love for day five and six.  Seriously.  I really hit my groove and it was natural to drink my juice! The natural high is intoxicating and addicting! I truly want to feel this good all the time!!! 

If you missed the Day Five video update, you can watch it here:

I can not emphasize enough how much I mean what I said about getting past day three.  I have lived this story with cleanses, diets, detoxes, yada, yada, yada...and it is true.  My day four was so much better than day two and three(I actually may venture to say day two was the hardest!). And day five and six just got progressively better than the previous days.  And unlike a normal change or diet where you just "get used to it" after day three, I actually FELT the change! 

That is not to say I have not had my temptations, moments of doubt, and wanting to eat! Just look at this moment below!!!!  #thestruggleisreal

But, I can say with this Kuka Cleanse, it is shifting my 'cravings.'  I told a friend last night that I actually really want to take a trip to Whole Foods and make a $16.00 kale salad.  (Who am I!?!) I'm not real concerned about this bizarre new craving because I know it would not take too much convincing to get a cupcake from The Chocolatte Mouse or cookie from the Swiss Bakery off Augusta....but, wait, maybe it will?  The sugar situation is not cool, folks. And I am one of the millions addicted to sugar.  I want to consider that more as I transistion out of the cleanse mode, but from the lens of mind, body, and spirit.  And at this point in my journey, I think #treatyoself moments are just fine and should be celebrated!! 

There is one question/topic/concern that I have had from a number of you and so I am just going to bring it to the conversation here:

Yes, my friends: the bathroom! It is normal during changes of diet to experience a change in your potty habits.  The obvious is that you will most likely urinate a lot more because of the increase in liquids and water consumption.  You may, however, not have a bile movement(I'm sorry I can't even type those words without giggling..I'm 31, Lawd help me!) as soon as you feel like you should.  Since I have been cleaning up my diet (slowly but surely) over the past few months, I did not have much of a problem.  However, it was delayed! The experts recommmend a product like Smooth Move to help the process if you need some lovin...and just sip that water all day..evvverrrday.

Day Six ended with my cocoa loco treat.  I told you my other napkin was linen ;) 


Thanks for following along on Instagram and Twitter!! I have loved connecting with you guys! And I have really enjoyed meeting new folks during the past week! If you have not already, please say "hi" over at Twitter or Instagram.  I am so grateful for the encouragement and accountability.  We are all in this life together, sweet friends, so why not lift each other up?!  It's so much more fun.  We fall but we get back up, and we share the load and sometimes carry each other! For that I am sooo grateful! 

Check back again for final thoughts on this week and what happens next! Until then, I'll be WORKIN & WERKIN DAY 7!  (Thanks for the awesome tank, Barre Evolution!)  6AM Express class was awesome this morning! 

May we all remember it!! PROGRESS not perfection!!! 



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I was a little anxious about day three of my Kuka Cleanse because I have heard that day three of any detox can be the toughest.  I woke up, however, on Friday(day three) feeling really good.  It's really crazy too, that almost immediately after drinking my first green juice of the morning, I feel a surge in energy.  I headed to 9R and got a great workout in! My spirits were also dancing because it was Dave Day!!!!  A few friends and I have been seeing Dave Matthews Band pretty much every summer for years, and we headed to Charlotte for this year's show.  

The Road Trip was PEACHY KEEN!!!! 





And no excuses right?!  Coolers and concerts are perfect for juices!! 

I really did not think too much more about my cleanse because my mind, body, heart, and spirit were having too much of a good time!!!!!!  Here are some clips I managed to get from the show!(my favorites I couldn't bring myself to video because I had to be ALL IN!)   I wrestled with even taking video because I wanted to soak in every single second of it and dance dance dance!!!  It felt so wonderful to be present.  Music is so healing, and gosh his music has ALL THE FEELINGS!!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVED FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!  


I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2.  You should too!

And Fed Up. 

I relaxed on the evening of Day Four with Netflix.  Instantly hooked on this and may be my new favorite.  Have you seen it? 

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Update: Day TWO


Update: Day TWO


Good afternoon, from this #krazykuka lady! Two days of my seven day cleanse are in the books! Day Two began EARLY!  I woke up Thursday about an hour before my alarm clock went off! And I felt great! I had completed my morning routine and was in front of my computer working by 4:30AM.  Ha! WHAT IS IN THAT JUICE?!


I was a little worried that meant a crash was inevitable, but I sipped my first green juice and continued on.  

I attended Barre Class because I felt my energy level could handle it.  

As the day continued, I did notice my thoughts going to food and cravings.  But as soon as I had more water and/or it was time for a juice, those thoughts faded.  It was a good exercise in observing how often what my mind thinks it wants vs. actually having a physical need.  

Lunch was all about the Beets.  I started thinking about how I needed to push through my to-do list and work before heading to Dave Matthews concert this weekend!  (juice in tow!) 

During the early-mid afternoon, I heard my doubts creeping in.  “What are you thinking?” “You can’t do this.” “Seriously, go eat some cheese dip.” My journey and faith walk has taught me to be more in tune with these triggers.  They are lies and they are the enemy of growth.  As I lean in more to the connection of body, mind, and spirit, I want to address these “doubters” as I would if I were facing something I deemed “spiritual.”  As a Christian, I look at certain things in my life that perhaps tempt me to sin as my fles” or lies from the Enemy.  Until a few years ago, I very much separated and categorized my life.  I had my 'spiritual walk' and 'spiritual struggles' in one category and my 'physical struggles and/or temptations' very much in another. I did not connect them.  In a very Baby Steps sort of way, I have begun to accept over time the divine connection between all.  Did I mention Baby Steps?

My friend is also doing a detox cleanse this week and she has been a wonderful source of encouragement and accountability.  She encouraged me to pray during these moments by shifting my mindset and heart into that of a FAST.  I like this.  Another level of purpose and intention.  (And for all you sticklers, I'm not trying to "tell" you I'm doing a biblical please refrain from citing Matthew 6 to me. haha! This detox cleanse, though, is just another indicator that our mind, body, hearts, and spirit are intertwined!! Whoop!! 

Day Two wrapped up with this video:

And a dear evening around the dining room table of one of the loveliest women I have ever met! (An evening and experience that deserves it’s own story apart from #dottiesdetox and one I want to share on my personal blog with you soon.) 

In short day two ended with my energy level beginning to decrease.  I was ready for bed.  I felt really great, though! My tank was empty,(minus a 'lil bitty sipping of adult juice at dinner) but my spirit felt full.  This idea of progress not perfection is settling down in my heart, even though I fight it all the time.  

And from the Juice Experts, here are just SOME of the MANY benefits of doing a juice cleanse: (I have already experienced several of these!! Yay!)   
•    increases energy.
•    removes toxins.
•    fights disease.
•    heightens mental clarity.
•    aids in weight loss.
•    regulates digestive system.
•    better sleep patterns.
•    Radiant complexion.
•    improves immune function.
•    stops food addictions and cravings.
•    healthy hair and nails.
{source Kuka Juice official website} 


And while you are weekending, stroll on over to the TD Saturday Market between 8:30-12:30 and grab some Kuka Juice! #treatyoself



Update: Day One and FAQ


DAY ONE: Hi friends! Day one is in the books! I had a great day of juicing, and it really worked itself into my typical day nicely!  It actually freed up some time that is normally dedicated to food prep or you know, going to Zoes.  I maintained my normal morning workout routine, but I was nervous I would hit a wall in the afternoon.  But it was actually quite the opposite. My workday was productive, and I joined a friend on the Swamp Rabbit trail for a walk later on.  I could not believe I got in bed at 9:30! I was so excited!!  I have not gotten to sleep that earlier(consistently) in a long time.  It used to be standard bedtime for me, and my friends knew me as a grandma because of it.  I just like the way I feel when I am early to bed and early to rise.  But it's oh so much easier said or desired than actually done!!  And I am not even a wife or mother! Props to you parents out there! I woke up before my alarm and ready to seize this day up!!! 

I am aware that the second and third days can be rough.  And I have no doubt, I will be questioning my decision, but I am glad to be doing it and sharing it with you.  For all the latest, follow me on Twitter! 


On the daily: what I am consuming on this cleanse

Six 16-ounce bottles of Kuka juice  

Kuka Juice offers a large menu of stellar juices! Their standard cleanse gives you a variety of their staple cleanses.  They even have an all green cleanse that features the ahhmazing Greenville juice I told you was so lovely.  What sets Kuka apart from other juice cleanses is that the ladies are committed to personally creating a menu just for you. If there is a particular juice that you don’t like, they can easily swap it out with something that is comparable.  For example, my friend detest pineapple—I know it’s a shame—well, that’s not an issue for Kuka.  They can tailor your juices to your taste buds but they do not compromise nutrition and detoxing.  You may have seen a lot of companies that sell online now, especially those “deals” that come through on Groupon.  Unfortunately, you can end up limited in your selection.  And more often than not, some of these suppliers are not fresh cold pressed juices.  THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.  More on that later.

My selections:

kick some acid. [spinach, orange, pineapple]
green with envy. [kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, lemon, ginger ]
skinny genes. [spinach, grapefruit, green apple, ginger, lemon, cayenne ]
mint to be. [cucumber, pineapple, apple, mint ]
upbeet. [beet, carrot, orange, lime ]
vanilla dream. [activated almonds, medjool dates, vanilla bean, purified water, cinnamon, himalayan sea salt]

I love that there is an option to include raw almond milk in the cleanse.  It’s an added protein and a yummy treat at the end of the day! It was like a milkshake last night!


So, I have already had a lot of you guys ask me questions about juicing.  I love it! I think it is best if I turn the converation over to the experts.  Here are some common questions the ladies of Kuka Juice hear, and these are their answers: {from their official website}

Why juice? Can’t  I just eat a salad?

Drinking cold-pressed juice allows your body to receive maximum benefits from fresh fruits and vegetables quickly and conveniently. Juicing releases vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals from the fiber.  This allows highly concentrated nutrients to directly enter your cells in a rapid and effective manner.  Each juice is packed with live enzymes and nutrients, providing your body with the boost of nutrition it craves. Each and every kuka juice contains 3-5 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables [talk about a mega dose of nutrients in one bottle]. Eating that much produce would take quite some time. We at kuka juice believe that health starts from the inside out, and improving the internal environment of your body plays a key role in reaching optimal health.

When and where do you make my juice?

Each morning, before delivery, all of our juices are handcrafted in our licensed, certified, DHEC and FDA inspected commercial kitchen [not a factory]. We take tremendous pride in the production process- cleanliness and quality are our number one priority in keeping your body happy and safe.

My juice looks separated, is it bad?  

No.  Separation occurs naturally, as we do not add binders, fillers or additives-our juice is 100% pure.  Just give your juice a nice shake and enjoy.

I’m not vegetarian, is this juice for me?

Of course!  Kuka juice is for everyone!  All human bodies benefit from our pressed juices.  Whether you enjoy kuka juice once a week, once a day, or  several times a day- you will reap the nourishing and revitalizing benefits with each sip.

How is kuka juice different from those fancy juices I see at my local grocery store?

All “juices” sold in your local grocery store are required to be pasteurized.  Pasteurization involves heating the juice and then cooling it during the manufacturing process in order to kill bacteria to prolong shelf life.  Unfortunately, pasteurization also kills vitamins, minerals and living enzymes, leaving these “juices” you find at your local grocery store with questionable nutritional value. Our juices are  100% pure- we do not further pasteurize or process our juices and we never add anything-  no sugar, no water, no preservatives, no colors, no fillers. The fact that these grocery store “juices” can sit on the shelf for weeks at a time should give you some indication of just how “fresh” they actually are.

What about the juices from other juice bars?

Most juice bars use a centrifugal or masticating juicer, which increases oxidation due to heat and oxygen generated during the extraction process.  This also kills vital nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.  We are proud to bring cold-pressed juices to the Upstate. Our state of the art hydraulic press minimizes heat and oxidation, providing you with juice containing 3-5 times more nutrients than other juice bars. Juices made on a centrifugal juicer should be consumed within 10 minutes, while our cold-pressed juices have a shelf life of 3-4 days, maintaining optimal nutrition.

Is a juice cleanse recommended if I have a chronic health condition that requires prescription medication?

If you are taking prescription medications for a chronic illness, always consult your healthcare professional before embarking on a cleanse.  Keep in mind that while a juice cleanse may not be appropriate to partake in while on certain medications, you will find that many of our juices can make a nutritious, delicious and physician approved addition to your daily routine!

What about juicing vs. blending?


Juicing and blending both work wonders for your health. Blending provides you with nutrients and fiber.  The purpose of juicing is to  give your body’s digestive system a break [fiber interrupts this process]. Juicing fuels your cells with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  You also consume much more fruits and vegetables with juicing compared to blending. Most of our juices contain between three to four pounds of fresh produce per bottle.

What is this I hear about chewing the juice?

We know it sounds odd, but yes- chew your juice! The act of chewing produces salivary amylase which promotes healthy digestion. Also, you never want to gulp down fresh juice. This can cause unwanted gas and bloating. So take your time and swish it around, your body will thank you.

But where will I get my protein?

Contrary to belief, meat is not the only source of protein.  In fact the standard American diet is way too high in animal-based protein.  Plant foods are an excellent source of amino acids. Dark leafy greens in the juices provide your body with the protein it needs, keeping it healthy and happy.

{source: Kuka Juice official website}