This blog cast is a space to discover peace in the present through the connecting power of conversations. 

 Welcome back!

On today’s episode you are invited to be part of a special treat.   I am super pumped to share my couch in a powerful but hilarious conversation with my guest Shay Brown.

Shay is an artist in every sense of the word. Her talents range from the canvas to the stage. She currently works as a commission based painter, teacher, and coach.

 Shay’s personal and professional journey are filled with events, trauma, and circumstances that could have left her empty and without hope.  But Shay has not let the unsettledness keep her from finding peace in the present.

I honestly could talk to Shay for hours about the journey she is on. She is a joy to talk to, and I am glad to call her a friend.

Let’s get to the conversation!


Shay has generously shared with us a few pics of her recent commissioned art:

Learn more about Shay's artwork on her website by clicking here

A peek at Shay's recent collaboration with Plaid Buttercup, a 'fubucomfy' and super chic childrens' clothing line 

Shay shares her healing art illustrations on social media along with her encouraging and authentic words.  A couple for you to enjoy today are below:

I love being able to share things with others! Conversation, a good recipe, music, art, empathy and love...Why would anyone want to hold on to things for themselves? That is what life is about... Finding beauty in this world and sharing a little piece at a time everyday!--Shay Brown

I want to find happiness in the chaos! I strive to show gratefulness when things go wrong. My goal is to feel as if I am riding with the top down singing along with my favorite song even when it rains. --Shay Brown

I hope you can soak in the love and fun and beautiful truths Shay so openly shared.  So, sweet friends, let's seek to BE PRESENT and be mindful of 'future trips!': 

Shay:  I literally used to put my worth in other people’s hands because I didn't know my own, and made some bad choices, but also grew from those choices, and I don't regret any of them. A lot of it is trauma, but if I didn’t have that trauma I wouldn’t have known the growth. Life is life. Live moment to moment. Theres some days that you don't have … Be present. That’s hard. Not future trip. Brady Kuhlman taught me that, one of my best friends that lived in LA. Future trip. I do it all the time.

Dorothy:    I’m glad I have a word for that now. Future trip.

P.S.  You know I promised to share this screen shot from Shay's stint on Star Trek! 

And what would a Convos2Connect be without a tweetable moment...I loved this from Shay TWEET THIS: 

@@The most present thing that I’m learning right now is that I am so blessed from God to have gifts that I used to take for granted, but I realize that I am just a vessel.--SHAYBROWN@@

My desire is to create a space that encourages us to live each day with joyful purpose and intention. I believe the most important work of our lives is discovering our true identity and living in that truth. I believe that if we seek to find our worth and value in God alone then we can live with greater peace and joy. 

 Why convos2connect?

I believe in the power of story and that we all have one to tell.  I believe that strength is found in connection and listening to each other. I attribute some of my greatest lessons, healing, and personal growth to meaningful conversations.  So, be my guest, grab a seat, and imagine my little home on the Internet to be like a comfy cushion on the couch in my BB. (or take the blogcast with you on your commute or daily run!)

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