Episode 3: Carrie Severson

This blog cast is a space to discover peace in the present through the connecting power of conversations. 

 On today’s episode I am really excited to introduce you to Carrie Severson.  Carrie and I first connected during a meeting at an airport bar in Austin, Texas so Carrie is the epitome of what Convos2Connect blogcast is all about! Carrie is the founder of Severson Sisters, a non-profit empowerment organization for girls. Severson Sisters is headquartered in Phoenix, but has programs and services nationwide.  Their mission is to “inspire girls to live as their authentic, awesome, super self.”  Carrie was recognized by USA Network and NBCUniversal as a 2013 “Characters Unite” award winner for her work.

 I wanted to bring Carrie to the conversation because she personally embraces peace in the present and is dedicated to helping others discover the same.  After her own encounter with unsettledness, Carrie also uses her voice to address the ‘Burnout Culture’ we live in.  Her experience and message resonated so much that when she wrote an article about it for The Huffington Post—it went viral.  It is evident we have a society that is in desperate need of peace. I personally connected with her writing on ‘burnout’ because it reminds me of some of my father’s journey and struggles.  I talk with Carrie about her journey and ways that she daily finds the calm amongst the chaos.  As a millennial entrepreneur, she values the importance of living peace in the process life. I can’t wait for you to connect with Carrie. 

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So, enough of this introduction, let’s get to the conversation!

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Severson Sisters Organization

"I'm a Recovering Burnout" --Carrie's viral article



Carrie is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, you can follow her articles here

That time I blogged about hanging out with Carrie in an airport bar

My blog about Christian meditation and link to Carrie's own practice

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