Episode 6: Jessica Fralin

This blog cast is a space to discover peace in the present through the connecting power of conversations. 

On today’s episode I am delighted to talk with Jessica Fralin.  Jessica is the author of the book, Stolen: Is Social Media stealing your Identity?  In her book, Jessica explores the affect social media is having on you and me.  She speaks to the heart of women and our desire to be affirmed and valued.   

A millennial herself, Jessica understands the massive influence social media has on our lives. She lived this rapid rise in social media as a college student and Bible Study leader of high school girls.  Motivated by her deep desire to point young women to the only true source of their worth, Jessica offers practical, Biblically rooted advice to break free from the bonds social media can have on the heart.  

But here’s the thing, Jessica loves social media herself!  I love her wisdom and insight on how we can actually promote healthy relationships with our online presence, and be intentional about using social media for good. 

We also talk about ways to be present in our lives, gain peace in the process, and live settled when it comes to being online and off.    Join us as we discuss safeguards, practical tips, and digging deeper to uncover our true identity.   It’s a great conversation from the couch of the BB.  

So, enough talking about Jessica, let me introduce you, and let’s get to the conversation! 

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ATTENTION I need YOUR help: Calling all young ladies/women/chickas/college and high school gals!!!  Join THIS conversation!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the discussion with Jessica, your relationship to social media, and life in this digital era.  Comment below, connect with me directly via email DorothyCamak@gmail.com, on Twitter, or Instagram.  YOU could be featured and included in future posts here! It all starts with a conversation, so let's get to talking! Can't wait to hear from you!