Book Buddies

“I think we all go through seasons like this with God  It’s a relationship, after all, and relationships go through rich and dry spells.  It takes some time to figure out how to abandon yourself to someone, or to something, to trust in it completely—even if it is completely trustworthy.  I wonder how many of us aren’t leaning yet, not totally anyway, into what we know to be true about Him.  He’s shown up when no one else did, carried us through an experience that threatened to steal us from the inside out, healed us, and put us back together when we didn’t even know we were broken.  I wonder what it will take for us to finally decide it’s worth it. … 
It would be so much easier if we knew these things before we took the leap, wouldn't it? It would make it so much easier to jump if we knew everything was going to turn out okay. It would be so much easier if we knew exactly how the journey was going to turn out before we started. It would be nicer if we had a budget and a plan, if we knew steps eight, nine, and ten before we started step one. But sometimes I think we have to take the first few steps before the next ones are uncovered. It's not like God is playing chicken with us; it's just that He wants us to lean into Him, to trust ourselves a little more and to trust Him." ---Allison Vesterfelt.  

A big thank you to Allison Vesterfelt for sharing your heart! Another Book Club success! #friendship #accountability #toread #tolearn #intentionalliving 

(photo info: my book club buddy Erika and I connect at our usual coffee shop corner booth! )