Convos2Connect 1.1 with Susan B. Mead

Welcome to my first installment on convos2connect!  

Think of this as a mini episode or taste of what you can expect from upcoming chats.  I believe in the power of story and that we all have one to tell.  I believe that strength is found in connection and listening to each other. I attribute some of my greatest lessons, healing, and personal growth to meaningful conversations.  So, be my guest, grab a seat, and imagine my little home on the Internet to be like a comfy cushion on the couch in my BB. 

In today’s first look, I am hanging out with my friend Susan B. Mead.  Susan is the author of the book, Dance with Jesus: from Grief to Grace.  She knows first hand devastating loss including her sister’s suicide, the loss of her son, and a witness to the Boston Marathon bombing.  

I talk with Susan today about how to get unstuck from paralyzing grief.  She shares about the power of looking up and looking out.  Being a Texan, she also appreciates the preferred pronunciation of the word, “naked.”  It’s, “nekkid!”  

My desire is to create a space that encourages us to live each day with joyful purpose and intention.
I believe the most important work of our lives is discovering our true identity and living in that truth. 
I believe that if we seek to find our worth and value in God alone then we can live with greater peace and joy. 

So I am so glad you are joining the conversation, and my hope is that you will live to embrace YOUR story!