My March Subtraction Project

When my friend Cass posted she was hosting another Subtraction Project, my Marie Kondo alter ego came a callin! The Subtraction Project is much more than a Spring Cleaning Challenge. It’s an invitation to experience a fuller life with less!

Subtraction Project helps you remove the excess with different tactics so we find a strategy that helps you subtract what isn’t working.

[source: Subtraction Project]

I love Cass’ approach to simplifying:  

“We’re the artists of our life, you have to chip away at what doesn’t work to uncover the beauty of what does.”

Each day participants are sent an email with our project for the day! Each project is simple enough to do in one day and yields super fruitful results

Here is a little insight into my month so far:

Day 1: Shoes. Are these shoes still relevant to my lifestyle? I love shoes. Very much like Toni Collette did--they always fit, right?  And thankfully, I had already done an overhaul of my shoes pretty recently. When I glanced at my current stock, I was reminded that it's all good to always be editing.  The rhythm of our lives change so it's important we have the right ones to dance on through it! So a few were passed on to Miracle Hill and the remaining shoes, I reorganized for the changing season.  Bye bye boots! 


Day 2: Kitchen Towels.  A little sifting and sorting.  Simple subtraction= super organization. 









Day 3: Will you light my candle? I loved day three.  It prompted me to light a candle I had been “saving” and it is bringing me so much pleasure! 









Day 4: Linens.  Day four surprised me.  I did not think I had an excess of old or random linens and bedding.  My linen closet is actually a linen basket, so what subtracting was there to be done? 

Moving through the project, I surveyed my basket of sheets and decided to place my flannel set on the bottom instead of continuing to dig under them as the weather warms up.  It’s likely I won't use them again until next winter, so this was a quick solution.  And those pillowcases on top? Yes, the faded Laura Ashley circa 1990 with no matching sheets? The ones from my childhood? Well, those are still there. Because they are special. And subtracting them would not be the point.  Another benefit of this project.  And now that they are on top--I’ll pull them out more. Because sooo softtt...right? 


Day 5: This day. My favorite so far. Mental Clutter....move it on out... 


Day 6: Under the Kitchen Sink fresh and so cleannn clean..











I'll be back to let you know how the rest of the month goes...and I'll be postingmy #subtractionproject all month long over on IG.  

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