Pretty Flamingo illustration and Richard Rohr

Here is a pretty illustration of flamingos.  

And here is some awesomness from Richard Rohr:

God does not love you because you are good; God loves you because God is good. And then you can be good because you draw upon such an Infinite Source. The older I get, the more I am sure that God does all the giving and we do all of the receiving. God is always and forever the initiator in my life, and I am, on occasion, the half-hearted respondent. My mustard seed of a response seems to be more than enough for a humble God, even though the mustard seed is “the tiniest of all the seeds” (Matthew 13:32).
God makes use of everything that we offer and thus expands our freedom. Otherwise it would not be a covenant love, but a mere coercion. God even implants the desire within us to desire even more intimacy with God.--Richard Rohr