Summer Love

Turning the page in my planner, I can hardly believe it is already August. I finally took down the mistletoe ball hanging from my ceiling, the lone Christmas decoration that lingered seven months after the holiday season. { I overlooked it when I first took down and packed up the décor.}  It then felt fitting to leave it for February lovin’ and well, by springtime, I kind of got used to its charm.  So now, after climbing a ladder to retrieve it and pack it up with the other decorations, I realize it’s actually closer to the Christmas season now, and I may as well have left it up!  

But first Fall, football, and full schedules….I love the rhythm of routine, but it can be easy for full to become fatigue.  As you fill in your agenda and plan with your planner, are you already feeling the fatigue? We catch our breath and push onward--working for the weekends, and planning and prepping for the next season... But in this transition of summer to schedules, let's not forget to be mindful of today: the here and now... Less regrets of yesterdays and fears of tomorrow.

My dear friends, the truth is here’s not just in the #renewal of Spring or merriment of Christmas.  The gift of forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love is present now.  And it’s available to you and me from the ONE who is LOVE.  May we walk freely in His power and not our own need for control.  This ONE is our ever-present help in trouble..and on Mondays Tuesdays, and everything and season in between.  So, let’s soak in summer while it’s here, and rock the rhythm of right now!