Love Language and Love Letters

I love letters. The handwritten old fashioned kind. I love writing them. I love when they arrive unexpectedly in my snail mailbox. I love the texture of the fine linen stationery in fancy paper shops. I savor scraps of old notebook paper with my father’s musings and messages: bits and indications of his love. As a child, I delighted in post-it note letters from my mother reminding me of her affection. It spoke confidence into my insecure (chubby kid) soul. 

I suppose thank -you notes and love letters are about the extent of what we use our personalized stationery for these days. (You still have that box you ordered for graduation notes, right?) Our post office boxes are filled with credit card offers, bills, and even more dreadful right now: political hogwash. I’m in the Julia Sugarbaker camp this year, “And the last time I checked, God was neither a Democrat nor a Republican.” I think my platform as a candidate would be to bring back the power of the pen. Considering the Internet and email phenomena, I doubt I would gain much traction, but I maintain my passion for letter writing.  I spoke earlier this week about the language of our heads and hearts.  What kind of letter and narrative are we composing to ourselves? Are we mindful? Or is there too much noise and distraction to discern just yet? Just like our mailboxes and inboxes, our minds can become a cluttered and crowded. Take a moment to take captive a thought you tell yourself today. Be mindful in your manner. Is it anxious? Angry? Or perhaps just a little unpleasant? Does love and gratitude flow freely in your thoughts? Or is it suffocating from all the clutter you have cramped in your head? Clutter that looks like our newest ‘remedy for recovery,’ or holding ourselves to a standard of “holy hustle” rather than infinite grace and steadfast love? 

Sweet friends, I hope you the story God is writing in your heart is one where you are freely letting Him compose Compassion within you. Resist the urge to take back the pen and rewrite the old notes of shame, unworthiness, and unloved. Doubt your doubts, my friends. Shhh…listen…shut that super ego, 'Negative Nelly' down! The Greatest Love is real and you can live with it today. 

If God were writing you a love letter, what would it say? I’ll give you a hint: it may go a little something like this: 

“You, my dear are Divinely Designed. You are enough because you are in Me. So, sweet darling, be mindful in your manner and practice living this letter of truth today. I love you. You’re mine.” 

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