Design not Default: New Client openings soon

Hello my blog friends! I recently shared on Facebook that I am expanding my social media management services.  I am so grateful for the overwhelming support of this #DivineDesign.  In case you missed the announcement, I am sharing here, too, because I am opening a few more new spots very soon.  Email me directly at for more information and see below for details on my current services and offerings:


Are you a small business owner or blogger overwhelmed by SOCIAL MEDIA? Do you simply not have time to invest the necessary time to properly manage your social media accounts? Have you considered hiring a large company to run your social media but have stopped short because of their fees and non-personal nature? As a blogger myself, I understand the demands of our ever changing social media world. Social Media can greatly increase your readership, customer base, and brand but it can also steal your time, creativity, and energy that you desire to be putting elsewhere. You can mange your social media without it sucking your life away. I love helping individuals, brands, and businesses gain freedom, clarity, and training in how to run their social media rather than it running them. There are a few ways we can collaborate together.


To get started, simply send me an email at 


From there, we can determine your specific social media needs and how I can help. Many of you have asked me what I have been up to this last year, and I am grateful to finally share this particular aspect of my job with you. For the first time, I am sharing my social media services to the public. This includes consulting, regular management for accounts, content curation, and more! Consider making more time to invest in your#inreallife by partnering with me to manage your digital one. For more information including packaging and pricing, contact me directly! I can’t wait to connect with you, my friends, in this digitally divine way! #discoveryourdivinedesign