Sunday School Series: September 6, 2015

Just a little weekend wrap up with the 'Sunday edition' of the blog.  The Sunday School Series is a little bit of this and a little bit of that...including, but not limited to: what I read this week on the big wide open internet(good, bad, and ugly), best tweets of the week, Insta-love, rants and raves, and anything else we all need schooling on before the week ends--the week begins..


Let's go to school..


You may have seen earlier this week that this month marks my 32nd birthday! Eeeeek! I talked a little bit about it here.  

Birthdays are everywhere this month!! Happy Happy to so many of you I love! Here is a peek at an #inreallife and #offline moment of my week--apple pie and celebrating my neighbor Shannon's birthday! Happy Happy and hello yummy homemade pie!

Aging and growing older feel so differently today than they once did.  And oh so radically than they did just one year ago.  I am getting into a groove with this new rhythm of life and finally embracing the 'imperfection', if you will.  I STILL have not reconciled adult acne and fine lines/wrinkles SIMULTANEOUSLY having a home on my face.  

FullSizeRender 62.jpg

I did watch this documentary on Netflix recently.  Have you seen it my fellow fierce women? If not, you should.  May we take a cue from Joyce here:

"Be who you are and enjoy life, and that's the key to looking good.. and looking well"

--Joyce Carpati

In this season of 'becoming,' it is vital to not only understand the source of our identity, but ladies, may we really LIKE the woman God is shaping us to be.  I loved Logan Wolfram's blog this week.  She writes, "The older I get, the more I like me.  The older I get, the more life’s curveballs don’t throw me for the same sort of dramatic loop they did years ago.  Adulting can be rough, but I’m growing into it I think." She explores the tension of adulting, "Learning how to hold the tensions of this fallen world, but view them through a lens of my good God."  To read the entire piece, click below on my pick for this week's


The Tention of Adulting, by Logan Wolfram

I can't get too caught up in adulting when Friday night comes along.  It's time to shake it off and put on my dancing shoes! I loved hanging with dear friends and jamming out to Nathan Angelo downtown Greenville.  As always it was a stellar show! I hope there never comes a day when adulting doesnt allow for dancing.  

Tweet of the Week

I usually don't have a Featured Facebook post of the week, but Ella girl is just too blog worthy.  She welcomes the football and fall season perfectly, and her shirt really gets at my own loves and priorites.  Cupcakes first. then those sports team things.  All while wearing a tutu.  Hashtag On Fleek. 

With Fall upong us, basic girls like me(better to own it ladies) can hardly keep it together.  Seeing PSL notices and Anthro Fall arrivals emails induces reaction not unlike this.  I love that this pretty lady is offering an online shopping option for her Tiger town boutique.  And based on her recent Insta love-ly posts, I am definitely going to have to stop in next time I am in Clemson.  

Local ladies, go tell Lansing Dottie sent you! And rock your fall football apparel! 

Insta Love:

This week's #TBT Series, or absensce of, rather has become this week's Sunday School illustration. God is calling you and me to #bepresent and fully enagged in the story He is crafting in our hearts.  In a world that is reflected so much online, it can often distort and even lie about the #inreallife lives we live.  We form opinions about ourseleves and others based on mere glimpses scattered about our news feeds.  I talked to author Jessica Fralin about the impact social media is having on our identity.  Friends, we are not immune to it's power.  If you missed this week's convos2connect, I urge you to watch and soak in Jessica's heart, words, and wisdom.  

I am fascinated by this topic for so many reasons.  It is very timely and very urgent for us.  Social media is not going anywhere, so how to we handle it? And for many of us, it's part of our career and everyday life.  I would love to keep hearing from you on this topic.  Especially high school and college girls.  See notice below:

ATTENTION I need YOUR help: Calling all young ladies/women/chickas/college and high school gals!!!  Join THIS conversation!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the discussion with Jessica, your relationship to social media, and life in this digital era.  Comment below, connect with me directly via email, on Twitter, orInstagram.  YOU could be featured and included in future posts here! It all starts with a conversation, so let's get to talking! Can't wait to hear from you! 

Just because this week did not feature an official Throwback Thursday blog series doesn't mean we still can't throw it back! In keeping with this Fall and Football-ish theme, here is photographic evidence of my attendance to organized sporting events.  

And from the blog archives....sending my football education and love to the Wright family.  Luisa, you my dear are the reason for the season! 

Look at those kids: 

Take me back to a Word tailgate! 

And I always love being a guest at the Royal Rockin Cox tailgate.  They are professionals, y'all.  

sweet memories with this one. 

Probably still true.  We both probably still rank outfitting and tailgating higher.  

And what would a Clemson throwback post be without Miguel?!!!!  Hey Gina!!! Sending all the folks in this pic some love! 


I hope everyone has a wonderful #LaborDay! Thanks for coming to class.  

And one more thing: While you are busy #beingpresent and living life offline, let's not forget during this football season to be mindful and practice manners both online and off!  

Cheers and Blessings!