Oh hey Friday! Who else is welcoming the weekend with Ryan Adams'  new tribute album?!  I it a cover album..but it's so FRESH and FANTASTIC, right?! What is your favorite track? I can't pick! With each new listen, I am like, "yessss, this one..." then he surprises me with another, and I'm like, " is everything.."  And Friday friends, if you have yet to check it, give it a listen now:

It was not a hard sell for me, let's be honest.  I been loving T. Swift since she sang about my first #countrycowboycrush, Tim McGraw.  But, I love her even more as her sound and songwriting has's been really cool to watch her evolve and prove the haters so wrong.  She grew up #inreallife folks, and we got to hear it happen...

Here is her orginal version of 'Wildest Dreams'---gorgeous video! {Who else misses waiting for a new music video to release on MTV?!!} 

And Taylor doesn't mind covering a song herself...'Riptide' is one of my regular late night #carjams...she produces a lovely version:

I am no #musicsnob, and if were not for my friends who have a gift for discovering new artists or rediscovering the legends, then I would probably be stuck in Top Twenty Pop purgatory.  But I am so grateful when the real good stuff comes on my radar.  Music has the power to change us, heal us, and move us...LITERALLY.  #dancejams

But it's been clear this week that I am not alone in my adoration of Ryan Adam's 1989 rendition. The sound is being compared to Bruce Springsteen:

When Mumford & Sons played Greenville a couple of years ago, the whole crowd was silenced by their Springsteen cover of "I'm on Fire."  {below is them performing the same song at Lollapalooza} Chills. 

And while I'm on the topic of fresh and fantastic covers, even Miley Cyrus does have legit skills.  I know I know, this may be hard to believe for some. But hey, when 'she's just being Miley'--she can do Dolly.  I love her take on Dolly Parton's, 'Jolene' she did a while back:

And my heart has always been in the oldies...Greenville friends, did you see that Motown the Musical is coming to the Peace Center? Anyone out there seen it? I am sure with all those tunes, it has to be a fun show.  I remember watching a PBS documentary about Motown Music in a course I took at Clemson.  If they still offer 'The History of American Music'--and you find yourself as a student at Clemson, do yourself a favor and TAKE this class.  In the film, Ben Harper's cover of "Aint to Proud to Beg" solidified a full on #musicmancrush:

But good news, the vintage vibes and soul of Motown are not just avaliable in covering classics.  Rhythm and Blues along with dance worthy NEW jams are coming to us from talented artists, like this guy:

Nathan is based in Greenville so it is a real treat when he plays local shows! OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE.  If I'm there, you can usually find me on the dance floor.  Nathan writes and plays such good music that gives a wink and nod to the best music stuff from way back.  He even throws in some classic covers too. Yet he totally brings a fresh and fantastic sound with his original songs.  He and his wife, Lindsay, are pretty fantastic folks too.  And that fresh beautiful baby lady of theirs. His current tour is still going on, so if you are near any of these places, shine up your shoes, and get to his show:


And in case you are too far from a live show, today is your day! He just released a LIVE album this week! Get yours. 

already climbing the itunes chart---and probably higher since this photo capture

{p. credit: Nathan Angelo FB page.}

Well, friends I hope this Friday mixed tape gives you more reasons to get your groove on and ready for some good #weekending!!!