Today's Throw Back Thursday post comes courtesy of sweater weather and the return of Fall!

And while I prefer my 'Pumpkin' in candy and candle form, annnnd will most likely choose my 'venti Americano'{with two honeys and extra Breve or steamed coconut milk--depending on my commmitment to "health")  over the #PSL, I am a BASIC-ally a fan girl of all things Fall. Shocking I know. #pumpkineverything

My dear friend Whitney, sent me, oh gosh, years ago, one of my sweetest "crisp weather" accesories! I shared her kindness, thoughtfulness, and care on my blog years I will throw it back tonight! And, y'all, who else is on board with bring back the sweather clip!?  It's so useful, and I am a believer. My grandmother #bigdot rocked them back in the day, and I do today.   It's super practical for wraps and scarves too, may I add.  Whitney is not only a dear and thoughtful friend, but she is a very successful ladyreneuer! If you want legit vintage jewelry, she is your #fiecefindingwoman! Connect with her here! 

The #throwback post: {including a handwritten note....glory!}

Oh I am falling for Fall just thinking about being cozy in sweaters and such...{former Bath and Body cowokers, have u seen this new scent in their it good? sounds wonderful to me!}

Just over one year ago, I left #bachelorettebungalow with a set of scrubs and a maxi sundress and didn't return home for six or eight weeks.  Summer exited and Fall entered, yet I hardly recognized it.  I attribute that to shock, overwhelming grief, turning my back on #inreallife {perhaps even real love},  and a terrible combination of sleeping pills and cheap chardonnay.  With God's amazing grace, I am so very grateful for a #renewing year of His tenderness, relentless mercy, and steadfast LOVE.  I am so glad to be HIS TODAY.  

So as the leaves change and the acorns fall, (<---if you wrestle or question God, please read my experience by click on link} I'm ready to 'take it to an 11', be "ALL IN" and commited to Fall Y'all. {special shout out to my Salem Sisters who are celebrating, "FALL FEST Y'ALL!} 

Let's take a look ahead by throwing it back!  

My sister- in -love and I have already added a return to sky top to the agenda.


And I really trying to put my feet on the streets of New York again in the Fall and book work and gigs that takes me there...{this is a solicitation, folks!) 

I want to frolic the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn hand in hand with my LL! (have I told you about her Brooklyn store front yet?1) Check it


I'll be in Tiger town again to tailgate some and hope to connect with some of u there! 

Need tailgate ideas? The Olive Shoe is a touchdown and WIN for that!

And speaking of shoes, I'll definitely want to show some INSTA- LOVE FOR THE FALL SHOE SHOW! right!? I want to see yours, friends!! 

And I do love a fall you can find me in my Mollye Crowell earrings a lot! I'ts no secret my friend Mollye's designs speak to me.  Her concept of combining clay and her grandmother's lace to create a beautiful marriage of #strength and #softness inspires me! True and powerful statement of #newandold, #traditionandprogression, and shining the light on the dignity of a #steelmagnolia! Sheesh! I love it!!!  So much inspiration that adds a spring in my step just with a pair of earrings! Dang! That's cool.  Ooooh oooh...find Mollye here..she is a #locallady!}

I hope to have more #toopbeverlyhills moments

And embrace the natural beauty of FALL!

But I can't help but confess to those of you who don't already know...with the entrance of Fall, means to me the coming of Christmas....and all things festive....

Don't worry...I'll think and celebrate Halloween for a hot minute...I do love a costume...

But Fall really means my chance to get started on what season it's really all about....I start decorating as soon as possible...and mistletoe does really me

But I hope and pray mostly that I will be present in this Autumn season and feel the #renewal and change of this past year really take root. Greenville makes that pretty easy. My movie set city makes a beautiful fall backdrop to life and living. But that living is real life wherever you live my sweet friends. So let's say embrace the beauty around us and give our best yes to #inreallife.  Take a walk wih your brother and his wife and dog.  Sit with your wise friend in your messy basement bungalow and soak in her wisdom.  And wear your vintage sweater clip while talking to your BFF since birth about life and love and learning.  

I want to have more moments like before baby boy nephew arrives....

And give more real hugs to these two...{hey look, growth from my usual side hug and pats on the back!}

Y'all, you guys, you people I love...let's remember...that we...YOU...ME...ARE..





P.S.:  BELOW WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN MORE...we are all a tribe...together...raise a glass..cheers, my dears!! 

P.P.S.: I have an excuse to eat bacon grease and breakfast gravy {my great grandmother's recipe} this weekend cause this lil lady below is turning 32! haaaaay!!!