One Year.

It's no real surprise to many of you that Dolly and I have similar world views and understanding of world creation and history

To simply say, I loved my father feels imcomplete.  I loved and adored him, yes, that is evident:

And I felt his love, care, and fatherly protection over me always

He was always a two balloons kind of dad (read what I mean here)

He was a beloved dentist to so many

And my direct link to the tooth fairy

He was brillant, kind, and compassionate.  

And his life and love impacted deep and wide

I am grateful my beloved Daddy became my boss man for seven years.  


The adoration of a daughter transformed into a deep respect and more complex understanding of the man my father was.  

My thoughts this morning are abounding, but I afraid my words and writing fall flat.

So, in this moment it only feels right to share a few words of my Earthly father instead.  He penned so many reflections and words, and was loved for his wit and rhymes.  In his last few years, he had joined Facebook and often used the medium to share his weekly prayers.  I know my sweet daddy has left a multifaceted and wonderful legacy, but his greatest joy was the one He had in the Lord.  My prayer today, is that we all know God's saving grace too.  

Dear God and Heavenly Father, this past week has brought witness to Your omnipotence and compassion. I have been reminded any idol we can conceive and coddle, any monument we can envision and erect can be smashed and toppled, if it is Your Will and with those same events I see You can and may intercede, protect, spare and deliver us from any disaster that awaits us on the horizon. You are so merciful to allow us to construct and assemble our comfort zones, but You constantly warn us our circumstances can change with the next beat of our heart. It is the nature of this fallen world. God, I know several of my friends are enduring some "bad weather" days at this very moment. Their hearts are hurting from mistakes and misunderstandings, an unexpected illness, the loss of a loved one or friend. They may be feeling the near crushing burden of bad things heaping up. Give them hope, comfort and peace and some measure of relief. While today, I may, in fact, be the happiest I've ever been, the memory is still fresh of the feelings of desperation I have felt in recent years. I could do no more then, than maintain my Faith and trust in You and continue to press on with the skills and experience with which You equipped me, but You brought new and old friends into my life who made me want to laugh and smile when I felt like crying, made me want to love when I felt like hating, made me want to dance when I was ready to crawl under the bed. I was made aware of some of the difficult and even life changing events in their lives making their positive attitudes more inspiring, their smiles sweeter, their chuckles more infectous and the new found and renewed friendships the greatest of gifts I have ever received. People who have full and demanding lives, have this past year have made time to lend an ear with a reply to an email or engaging in a chat on FB when I had something to share or wanted to "talk" to someone other than myself. They have encouraged me to get out and have given me the blessings of getting together. Others have been unflagging in offering prayers to You in my behalf for a specific need I had. Those prayers were answered giving undeniable proof You hear our prayers and Your timing is perfect. Please continue to hear the prayers offered by or on behalf of my friends. Bless all my friends, old and new. Your Grace is truly amazing. This prayer of thanksgiving and requests, I lift in The Name of my friend, comforter and Lord, Jesus - amen.


--J. Boyd Camak, Jr. (posted on Facebook August 28, 2011.)

Thank you sweet friends, old and new, online and off, aquaintances and close confidants, for weaving your story into mine this last year.  Thank you for staying with me in this mess and encouraging me in the valleys and helping me climb and crawl along.  You are a dear and bright reflection of God using His people to shine His Glory! He has been near my broken heart and saved my crushed spirit.   


So, this morning, as the sun comes up in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina

I am filled with hope and a knowing that Living Settled in an Unsettled Life means knowing the source of our joy and peace is a God who is present and a God who is REAL! #inreallife 

From my family to yours, we love you and we are grateful.

And just in case you missed it, let me bring it to you by way of Anne Lamott: 



Dad, I'll see you over the rainbow!