Sunday School Series: Rest, Reflection, and Remembering

Just a little weekend wrap up with the 'Sunday edition' of the blog. The Sunday School Series is a little bit of this and a little bit of that...including, but not limited to: what I read this week on the big wide open internet(good, bad, and ugly), best tweets of the week, Insta-love, rants and raves, and anything else we all need schooling on before the week ends--the week begins..


Let's go to school...

I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend with some #rest and #reflection! I am grateful for a Troop Beverly Hills moment when a casual trail walk inadvertently became a course-challenge hike.  

We laughed, burned some extra calories, and relished in the beauty of this view:

Nature has an amazing ability to instantly calm the chaos.  Just a few miles from the hustle and bustle and our overscheduled busy lives are places that embody peace.  I am undoubtedly a girl who loves a city vibe, and I thrive on the energy it produces... pluuuuus my take on outdoor life has more often looked like this:

But last weekend's #escapefromthecity venture quieted my restless soul.  And I think so often we don't even notice our restlessness, anxiety, or fret because of our loud, overcrowded, and busy routines.  It's funny how just being in the woods and only hearing the sounds of crunching leaves and water makes you breathe easier.  It's then we can finally hear ourselves think, right?! And I am no Whitman, Emerson, or Thoreau.  When I am running, I often think about the things I think about, but there is something more settling about thinking and reflecting while out on the trail or hiking.  Even when talking with a friend or laughing about wrong turns, you ponder life in a different way on a trail:  

I thought about this month a little more.  

The 18th.

My birthday on the 26th

and dad's the following day.  

I thought about the way things used to be, and how often I desperately wish I could go back to my life before.  How it would be different. Better. Easier. I picked up a leaf, already bright orange, signaling a new season.  I consider my wishful thinking about going back in time and remember how another trail that taught me to stay the course.  

(Click here to read my blog about it)

And just like standing on my little rocky plateau catching my breath, I can't really choose to go back. To do so would be a slippery descent with no true reward.  

But, my friends, we are free to reflect.  In fact, we must not forget who we were or where we have been.  It is part of who we are being made to be, and the story God is telling in our lives.  This week was a HUGE reminder in our country's own story that we must not forget the past.  

My friend Lauren, at The Olive Shoe, shared a beautiful image she captured of the American and South Carolina flags on Friday and a reminder to #neverforget. 

The tragedies of that day and since are heartbreaking and can easily lead us to despair.  Sweet friends, we must remember that in our #reflecting, we must too have #hope.  It is with hope that we can truly #countitallforjoy and move onward and upward. We must not forget where we have been, but let's too focus on where we are going, and the God who is bringing us to Him!  That is a destination I am excited for my heart, life, and future to be heading in! Whoop!!! 

And, if you find yourself in a hopeless place and your heart feels like it will not heal, I promise you there is hope.  There is a new season.  There is renewal.  There will be restoration.  

I shared more about clinging to that truth on Thursday.  Please read and share if you or someone you know feels overcome with dark, doubt, and despair.   #suicidepreventionday #suicidepreventionweek #hope

Stay swell this September, my friends! I am giddy with excitement over Fall! And as our routines rev up and our days get full, pray and grab for moments of #rest and #reflection.  Small moments can make big differences, I promise! And heck, if you really want to get bonus points from today's Sunday school lesson, may I leave you with my ramblings and reflections on how the Camak's RESPECT the NAP.  ;) ENJOY!

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