Sunday School Series: In Real Life

Just a little weekend wrap up with the 'Sunday edition' of the blog.The Sunday School Series is a little bit of this and a little bit of that...including, but not limited to: what I read this week on the big wide open internet(good, bad, and ugly), best tweets of the week, Insta-love, rants and raves, and anything else we all need schooling on before the week ends--the week begins..


Let's go to school...


Today's Sunday School lesson is all about the #INREALLIFE.  This week was a total immersion in this beautiful, brutal, and brutiful life.  Stuff that is not quite suitable for an Instagram post(however powerful the filter may be).  With a lot of my new season of life online, it can often be a skewed view. My desire and intention for this space has always been authenticity and honesty. And that it is.  But it's just part of the story God is telling in my heart.  What's not always seen is the in real life moments that are defining the life you and I are living--however tragic, heartbreaking, joy making, or mundane they may be. It's my little internet home, and as always, I want you to feel like you are cozied up on the couch of the Bachelorette bungalow. (BB)  But just like a conversation with a best friend, it is ongoing.  It may pause, change topics, but you keep picking back up where you left off.   I am so excited about where we are going on the journey and I love that you have joined me for the conversation. 

In my ever evolving effort of digital detoxing, I am currently being more intentional with my scroll feed time and showing more restraint in the temptation to just click on every enticing link. #Inreallife hours can vanish and stolen if we are not careful with our online time.  But there are some reads that are worth clicking right?!  Even if we have to reserve it for later...  So, part of my taking control of my 'digital days' means that if I come across something I want to read or spend some time on, I like to save or even screenshot the post. That way I can come back to it later in the day or week.  This may sound silly, but it really helps with productivity and has reduced distractions.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Be my #accountabilityally, friends! The Must Read of the Week happened just like this.  A friend had shared his wife's blog post Friday morning.  The post title was enough reason for me to read.  Sure glad I saved it because I read it later that day, and was grateful for her words and heart. Less than 24 hours after reading her blog, we met in 'real life' randomly at our mutual friend's birthday gathering.  Ha! Thanks God for providing this week's Sunday School illustration! 

Must Read of the Week:

She's Gone Biblical, Y'all by Lauren James

Tweet of the Week:

Getting to tell the Mom of this little tot how much he brightened my day was a dose of delight.  Put this video on repeat and TRY not to giggle and smile.  Twitter makes connecting across the pond simple and free--that's enough to be real life for me!  Hashtag: heartwarmed. 

insta love:

Thursday Greenville was showing off.  She is not a braggy city though.  She has a humble yet confident spirit that invites everyone in to enjoy.  And Thursday evening we did.  Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors played the TD Ampitheater at the Peace Center.  Good music.  Good people. Good times.  My real life friend Brittany gets all the insta love this week: 

a little oldie but goodie from Drew that he sang Thursday:

Friend date win with this beautiful friend! Happy Birthday(today) to you Becca!!!  We are traveling on the same road of sorts...learning life after dear daddy has passed on....we are pretty new at the gig, but I'm glad we are figuring it out together! 

Today is a good day for a birth---lot's of you lovely folks joined the world on August 30 it seems.  Including this little bathing beauty below: 

I love you Luisa and glad you are real life forever and always!  Cookie cakes, hometown friends, and all the fun.  

And from Internet Land this week...

ThrowBack Thurday Blog Series: 

The #TBT series is still in full effect.  Believe it or not, there was a day when bloggers were a rare and unusual specimen.  We counted our moms as top readers, and lived under the beautiful naivety of not understanding that our public diaries were never going away.  

It was a fun many changes...adventures..and all connected via this big world wide web! Had we known the extent of it, we probably would have never shared our vulnerable hearts and risky adventures...(to continue to this week's post and picture share, click over here.) 

In Case You Missed It: 

Did you see that my friend wrote a book, and it is really good?! Congratulations dear Danise!! You encourage me, inspire me, and you spur me on! I am super excited to this week's website winner.  You will receive a FREE copy of her book, Fulfilled: Learning to Live the Life God Promised.  

Ashley, you will be contacted directly reagrding your prize.  Thanks for everyone who signed up to be a subscriber last week.  

There is still a lot of fun going on with Danise's book launch and release, including a $100 giveaway.  Go check her out, share, and you can win! Plus, did you remember that Danise is donating half of her proceeds to the LA Dream Center?! Hello! Real deal, this woman.   In case you missed our chat, you can watch it here. 



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Let's claim more IN REAL LIFE this week! #peaceintheprocess