My friend wrote a book and it's really good.

 I am so proud of my friend, Danise Jurado! Her book, Fulfilled: Learning to Love the Life God Promised launches today!  (or tomorrow, depending on when you read this! TUESDAY AUGUST 25!) If you have been following my blog for more than a few months, you may remember me telling you about meeting Danise.  It is a fun story in itself.  Read about it here. 

Since then, Danise has been an active and important role in my #peaceintheprocess season of #grief #renewal and intentional living a life fulfilled by the love of Christ.  This woman LIVES her faith and is passionate about equipping others to as well.  She is the REAL DEAL. 

WHY? For over fifteen years she has served as pastoral counselor at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. She is the director of the Dream Center Transitions Program and is on the front lines of the unsettled world that we live in. Her life and ministry are poured into the pages of this book. I am telling you, dear friends, Danise is the real deal. 

If you are ready to BREAK FREE  from failure, sin patterns,  or cycles of shame, PLEASE gift yourself this book!!  

Danise gave me the foundations of this book when we connected in a hotel lobby in Austin, Texas.  She spoke into my heart the principles of forgiveness and how to practically move towards restoration.  A burden was lifted that day.  And since reading the entirety of her book, I feel like I have a new toolbox of POWER tools, my friends!!  

Do not let others or yourself keep you from living the life God has designed you to live.  

In case you missed our Convos2Connect,  you can watch it here. This episode is so enlightening, y'all.  We talk about it all: ‪#‎foodaddiction‬ ‪#‎betrayal‬ ‪#‎loss‬ ‪#‎Jesus‬ ‪#‎millenials‬ ‪#‎change‬ ‪#‎grace‬ ‪#‎peaceinthepresent‬ And Danise offers IN REAL LIFE PRACTICAL steps to BREAK FREE!!

A few thoughts from Danise during our conversation

Danise on our “Behind the curtain” lives and how Fulfilled fits in:

Really, it just came about as I call it life behind the scenes right? We have a life behind the scenes and when you read the Word you read about all these promises and you want freedom and restoration and hope and courage and strength…. I'm like, "Yes, give me all of that, Lord."    ….Behind the scenes you have loss.  You have brokenness, and you have pain and sometimes even hopelessness…How you reconcile that life behind the scenes, with the truth that God gives to you in His word….It's going deeper than the surface. It takes more than what this world has to offer to bring fulfillment. That's what the book's about. 

Danise on learning the importance of being intentional with our spiritual walk..i.e. SPIRITUAL EXERCISE:

Sometimes when we have intentional time I think that's really the word. It's just having intentional time to do spiritual exercise. We'll go out for a three-mile run or a two-mile run or maybe we'll just, a person that likes to jog. Or we'll do that fifty-minute walk, because we know our body needs physical exercise, but we need spiritual exercise as well. Like I said, it was such a process for me.

Danise on Perseverance, grace, and lasting change:

You mentioned grace and that is such an important component in perseverance, because if we do want to run that race that God has given to us with freedom then we're going to have to accept God's grace. I learned that in lots of different ways that I needed freedom…. I struggled with food addiction, and I called it everything other than food addiction for years and years and years, but it's true….

 It's very true, that I needed to exercise, absolutely. And it's true that I needed to change the way I ate, and it's true I needed to learn moderation. Really, at the core of it was I was going to food for all the wrong reasons. I knew it and I was caught in this pattern. Have you ever been caught in a pattern?  You would have, what I call, revelation, over and over and over again. Revelation is like, "You need to change this." Sometimes it would be a situation you're going through and you're like, "I need to change this." Or sometimes it's a wonderful worship time in your church. It's a special altar time between you and God and you're like, "I need to change this, Lord." What would happen is I would have that revelation and then I would go about trying it. Trying it, like the Nike commercial. Just do it. 

Inevitably, perseverance was the thing that would always make it not work. Lots of things can motivate us to change.  We can even have temporary success. But we want to have lasting change. The kind of fulfilled change that God promises us, then we have to not just get revelation and go straight into action. We have to accept in the revelation portion, God's grace. I had to learn to love myself. I had to learn to love myself in God's grace. 

I minister to many people dealing with many different addiction or things that they're trying to overcome. Where grace is absent? Then you will have condemnation.  When you have condemnation what happens? You want to quit.

I talked about that first step of revelation and how important it is that conviction cannot be condemnation. And that that conviction has to move to hope. 

Full episode below

Amazon will be offering the Kindle version of Fulfilled for $0.99 - 2 days only (Monday and Tuesday ONLY) 

Sweet friends, as if you need another reason to gift yourself this book, Danise is donating 50% of the proceeds to The Dream Center!  So what is the Dream Center?  It's an amazing organization that serves over 85,000 people every month. They distribute over a million pounds of food just in the Los Angeles area every month. The Dream Center has residential ministries, outreach ministries, and help people overcome things like abuse, addiction, poverty, and homelessness. The Dream Center also helps victims of human trafficking as well as youths who are aging out of the foster care system.   

They minister by helping people “overcome some of the outward situations that they have so that we can reach the full potential that's inside of them with the Good News of Jesus Christ."—Danise Jurado.  

And I can help you win!!! Comment below and/or sign up to be a new email subscriber and you will have a chance to win a free copy of the book from me!