Sunday School Series

Just a little weekend wrap up with the 'Sunday edition' of the blog.The Sunday School Series is a little bit of this and a little bit of that...including, but not limited to: what I read this week on the big wide open internet(good, bad, and ugly), best tweets of the week, Insta-love, rants and raves, and anything else we all need schooling on before the week ends--the week begins..


Let's go to school...


must read blog of the week is:

Quick but important read for me and you.  by DEBRA K FILETA for Relevant

weet of the Week:

Amber, the lady brain behind the upcoming podcast series, [Not So} Nominal tweeted the below tweet.  I knew I was going to love her and her podcast before we even met. Why? Concept of the show and tagline, "Your gay best friend and Southern Baptist grandma are welcome here. // All things Christianity + Culture in podcast form."   Amber is passionate about the transforming power of conversations, and she is motivated by the love of Jesus Christ.  Stay tuned for more updates on the itunes launch of their new podcast.  


When #tweetmeets become #inreallife.  More to come on what is happening here, but this post preview from Peyton has all the insta love from the weekend. 

Where I have been in internet land this week:

I've been singing Avenue Q's , "I Wish I could Go Back to College" all week!

I was honored to hang with the girls of Lane Of Roses and spend time reflecting on transitions, college, and more. See what my beautiful friend Katie Humphress has created and the transforming work God is doing in the hearts and lives of college girls and beyond! 

A New Epsiode of Convos2Connect was released this week. 

Sweet friends, I KNOW this episode is for SO MANY OF YOU.  The struggles I hear from you, the ones we have cried over together even, are addressed by my guest Danise.  If you are ready to BREAK FREE from failure, sin patterns, or cycles of shame, please join the conversation with Danise Jurado! We talk about it all: ‪#‎foodaddiction‬ ‪#‎betrayal‬ ‪#‎loss‬ ‪#‎Jesus‬ ‪#‎millenials‬ ‪#‎change‬ ‪#‎grace‬ ‪#‎peaceinthepresent

And Danise is here to offer IN REAL LIFE ‪#‎irl‬ PRACTICAL steps to BREAK FREE!!  

So, even if you just press play while you scramble to put your dishes away and fold your laundry, perk your ears and open your heart to hear and receieve her nourishing words. 

I am glad to hear folks are enjoying the Throwback Thursday series! Some of you even remembered my first blog banner created for my blogspot. Gosh, I am so grateful for the improvements in web design for non coders like me. (shout out to Jessica Overbey, who I met this weekend over a mutual love of productivity podcasts: you lady have my mad respect for making coding so pretty! ) But even little bits of memories like the my 'blogger banner' remind me that I HAD one thanks to my sweet, SMART AND TALENTED, graphic designer first best friend Taylor.  She ensured I had a 'real banner' like the 'real bloggers' of 2006, even when the majority of my readers all shared my last name. #friendship

The #TBT Series grew out of my own curiousity and amusement essentially.  I clicked back at my orginial blog that ran from 2005-2012 sometime ago to grab a humorous #TBT instgram worthy photo I am sure, and I discovered there was much more there.  My clumsy transition from girl to woman was now a time capsule full of my writing, faith wrestling, and the life reshaping experiences of my twenties.  The blog became one of my most valued sources for the research and development phase of my book.  

It too, reminds me, how important it is to WRITE DOWN OUR LIVES.  That is why I challenged you last week to take an account of your PRESENT life!  It can feel silly or meaningless to chronicle our often mundane daily life, but it is in the present that God is shaping us for our future good.  There were periods during my twenties when I felt like the future was so out of focus and that I was living a life that was leading to an unknown and probably very disappointing 'Emerald City'.  But in the most radical and life changing 10 months of my life, God has come straight down to my broken heart and keeps wiping my ugly girl cry tears.  He dries them long enough for my focus to shift from blurry to clear.  The clarity He provides in moments and hours and even days is beyond anything in the merry old Land of Oz.  And the answers He has given me have often been through looking back at what I wrote years before.  Our journals reveal the beat of our hearts, the patterns of our thoughts, and the pace of our race.  I am so thankful and encouraged that all along those days that often felt wasted or experiences that I viewed as failures or dissapointments were actually essential parts of the story He is telling in my heart. And, He is doing the same for you!!!! 

In case you missed it, this week's #TBT series speaks to this. Be encouraged. Click here or on excerpt below: 

This week also included another Amazon Gift card GIVEAWAY!!  This week's new email subscriber winner.....

Congratulations, Aubrey! You will be contacted directly with your prize!!  

Remember #IRL (in real life friends) friends, if you received a newsletter from me last week and do not remember signing up on the website to subscribe, make sure you officially subscribe on the site.  You may have been part of my lil slip of the cursor.  See here (scroll down for a laugh).  

I hope everyone is enjoying a #soulfulSunday.  From a little nook in a coffee shop in Georgia, I am praying over your upcoming week.  My God grant you peace, comfort, and the strength to face your days.  

I will leave you with this from Emily Freeman

#bepresent #peaceintheprocess

Let's claim more settledness this week!