Lane of Roses

Happy Monday morning to you sweet friends! The gym is packed, shiny new agendas abound, and there is a nervous but happy energy in the air.  It almost feels like Janurary 1,  but with a tan.  It is hard to believe it is mid August! I have not been in school in years, but I still LOVE "the back to school season." Perhaps it is that I get a new agenda(in love with my new Emily Ley) or the anticipation of cooler weather...or both! I do love a changing season.  It feels like a new chance, ya know?! A fresh slate.  And it is just arond the corner! Hooray! 

My social media feeds give me a glimpse into your 'Back to School' season too.  New routines, new job positions, new schools...And I am always shocked at how tiny children seem now as they venture off to school! It's hard to fathom we all were once babies with backpacks.  (I have yet to let go of the backpack.) My favorite posts, though, have been the ones that depict a new dorm room, a new office space, or for some of you even a new apartment in a new city with a new boss! There is a nervous excitement in these posts that almost leap off the screen.  Those transitions are tough, but gosh, don't they give us the best growth?  

I am hanging with the co-eds today and talking transitions with the girls of Lane of Roses! Come on over and see what my beautiful friend Katie has created and the transforming work God is doing in the hearts and lives of college girls and beyond.  



Roll the word around on your tongue for a bit. It is a beautiful word, isn’t it? So strong and forceful, the way you have always wanted to be. And you will not be alone. You have never been alone. Don’t worry. Everything will still be here when you get back. It is you who will have changed. (D. Miller)

Everyone has to leave. 

685 days. 22 hours and 34 minutes since I moved to Los Angeles. And I’m not that neurotic; I just have one of those nifty countdown things on my cell phone that has tracked my time here…… Some days I feel like I’ve been here forever and some days I wake up feeling like I just arrived. I told myself I would take one year at a time.(My blog post dated June 23, 2007)

Leaving was the best thing I ever did.  It was part naivety but all...{TO CONTINUE READING FULL STORY, CLICK HERE}




So pumped because their official print magazine launches this FALL!