Sunday School Series

Just a little weekend wrap up with the 'Sunday edition' of the blog. The Sunday School Series is a little bit of this and a little bit of that...including, but not limited to: what I read this week on the big wide open internet(good, bad, and ugly), best tweets of the week, Insta-love, rants and raves, and anything else we all need schooling on before the week ends--the week begins..


Let's go to school...

must read blog of the week is:


 ok, so this is only my third installment of #thesundayschoolseries and 2/3 are via Rachel Batson...but come on, she is straight bringing it, right?! Yeah, yeah, she is my super awesome wickedly talented friend, but I am not biased.  A couple of my girlfriends and I were JUST discussing the other night some of the themes of this post.  I, personally, have publically declared my intrigue with it and steps towards it.  So, head on over then let me know your thoughts! Annnd, who here has read THIS book?!!

And as an aside, (you know I can't help myself, and LOVE to break a screen/blog..alright I just get sidetracked mid blog...wall) let me just tell you that I look forward to sharing how #connectingconversation and oh THE LORD brought Rachel into my life during the hardest season of my life.  It was akin to how this birthday chick and I met...yep, it may be Sunday, but it's still the birthday weekend of the fierce and fabulous Beth Marshall! Go wish her a HAPPY HAPPY!!! 

Just a few Ragamuffins pictured below: Dot, Rachel, and Beth basking in #epicgrace at #shespeaks15

Tweet of the Week:    oh hey hey JOHN 5! Thank you Bianca for this #truthtweet! 

Convos2Connect Episode 3 WINNER Announcement:

Joannah, you will be contacted directly on details on claiming your PRIZE! 

Bonus to this Amazon giveaway?  A $25 donation will be made in Johanna's name to Severson Sisters, the non profit organization for girls founded by last week's guest, Carrie Severson! #supergirls

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Thursday was the first of a new blog series.  #TBT 

Email subscribers received newly formatted newsletter! Thanks for all the love.  More than a few other folks received the newsletter too! If you didn't see my Facebook status, it went something like this: 

So there is that.  

If you received a newsletter from me Friday and do not recall signing up for the subscription list then you may have been part of that fiesta! I am glad so many of you enjoyed the surprise! So for you folks, if you want to continue receiving newsletters, please add your name to the subscription list.  I value you inbox space! HASHTAG NO SPAM-A-LOT from me! 

Happy Sunday!