Self Portrait. GraceUncommon

Hello friends!

When I am not sharing with you from the BB, I love visiting other spaces to listen and be part of more conversations.  Today I am sharing on Grace Uncommon, but it's the kind of place that feels like home.  Tammy Strait has created a place where we(you and me) can "hope and dream and dare to live a better life. Where we determine to become our best self. We talk about things that matter: the places that hurt and the things that heal." (source: graceuncommon)

Begin reading my thoughts below:

"Long lean legs, pink high heels, and perfectly painted nails.  I couldn’t help but notice her cut hips and killer quads–clearly the result of some serious barre classes. My new friend and burgeoning artist, Susannah (age six) presented me with her drawing. It was a portrait of me, she said. ME!?!? I examined her artwork a little closer. Yes, it was a masterpiece; complete with Susannah’s Crayola crayon signature. I finally had a piece of original artwork for my ‘bachelorette bungalow.’ Aka my single girl basement here to continue reading...

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