Happy Anniversary!

I wonder if Google has flagged my account for the random assortment of questions or topics I have searched over the last ten months.  Popular searches include, "How do you close a dental practice?" (I also searched Youtube tutorials, perhaps I will make them now), "How do you know if you are in love but have most likely ruined it by your inability to be normal?", and most recently, "How and Do you acknowledge your parents' wedding anniversary after one parent has committed suicide?" In Google's defense, they have almost always provided me helpful links and sources of information and answers.  August 11 (tomorow or today if you are reading this on Tuesday) is my my parents' 43rd wedding anniversary!!!  They celebrated 42 years last August just before my father passed.  

Today, I just want to acknowledge and say a few things...

My mother and father were a HOT item.  I mean, come on, look at Mama Dean rockin that model stare and jumpsuit...and Dad with that side swoop..

They never abandoned their flare for fashion...and they busted out their Sunday best especially on Easter. #seersucker #pinkbucks #ferragamo

They created instagram poses long before instagram....

and I KNOW their love was real.  

But today I celebrate that my mother is a steel magnolia and 

and that our call is to 

yes, trust our Lord above.  

Sweet Mother, I 

because YOU are the one who taught me

Gosh, I miss Daddy so I can't begin to know the pain of missing this:

But just never forget that you are NOT alone...

And while that white apron is perfectly pressed, you daughter is not afraid of the MESS....


Because no matter the pain or surprising sadness, we can always know..

So, sweet mother of mine, please feel my love and prayers.  God knows your heart and He longs to dry your tears.  You pain is real, your loss is vast, and your shoes no one has been in.  But I have faith and believe that you are being renewed and healed with each passing day! I am so proud of you and I love you!!!! 

So, August 11 may no longer be your traditional anniversary..but in my mind and heart today it is a celebration of LOVE AND COMMITMENT..the one God made to His children through Jesus Christ! So Happy Happy Love day to you and all today!!!