Hey hey my friends, and happy #weekending to you! I have been traveling a lot lately so it feels really great to have a weekend home. Friday night was another cinematic night in Greenville. It was one of those perfectly unplanned nights that I hardly ever do, but enjoy so much.  My friend Brittany and I met for Happy Hour to catch up....

 Check out that Berry Spicy Margarita.  I have not been to High Cotton in a long time, but may I take a moment to give a shout out to their happy hour! That festive little pink thing you see pictured above is Habanero infused Tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and strawberry. Cheers to Hall Management group who has ensured I will be back for more spice in my life.  Bonus life points for this song playing when I walked in and my sweet friend picking up the tab! 

We eased on up Main and stopped in the new bookstore, M. Judson.  Local friends, you must go. It was as if I was stepping into my Meg Ryan Moment in You've Got Mail but the Bookshop Around the Corner has been perfectly transitionedto 2015.  I fell deeply in love(no Tom Hanks did not appear to woo me), but I did fall hard for this place.  

We ran into some friends and chatted to the sounds of a street muscisian.  I wish I had taken his photo.  He was like one-fourth of a barber shop quartet--skimmer straw hat and all.  Delightful.  

It is good to be home. 

I picked up some Kuka Juice this week, and my body is thanking me.

 It is hard to believe it has been over 10 months since my life dramatically changed.  Some days it feels like I will wake up on Monday morning, arrive at the office at 8, and wait for Dad to arrive as the work week begins.  Yet, more often now, I feel like I hardly recognize and remember my life before.  Grief is a strange journey.  Dad's suicide has been deeply personal, but it also terminated my job. I was forced to ask myself a lot of questions and more importantly, I was compelled to ask myself where my identity lies and WHO is the one who gives me value.  Wrestling, writing, living, and abiding in that space redirected my course.  A course that I had not necessarily gotten off track from in recent years, but I have been known to take the long way around.  

The lavish grace, mercy, comfort, and love of God astounds me.  He has and is carrying me.  (Y’all, that Footprints print is legit.)  I find myself now in a new career and living that "new normal" everyone was so emphatic about. The rhythm of this job is new. And the rhythm of this career is wildly different from my job at dad's practice.  I like this rhythm though--it's reminisce of my acting days rhythm, but with more discipline and more grit. (And more Jesus and less fried food.) But I do not know the rhythm by memory just yet. 

As I keep dancing to the beat, I want to share some tips I just learned from Chad Cannon.  His career requires a unique pace with hustle and lots of travel.  I am realizing how essential it is to firmly maintain your work values and life priorities in a space that is different.  I found his tips to not only be helpful if you travel for your(which I know a lot of you do) but it is also helpful if you are in a transition of life or career or just need to refocus and tweak a few things!

These simple tips can yield great results in Living Settled in an Unsettled Life. 

Click here to read Chad's advice. 

I have already decided that when I am in Greenville and not working from the BB, I may spend a good amount of time at the new bookstore.   Here is a little Periscope video I made last night so you can see why I am in such fuss over it! 

And who else is on Periscope?! Find me there for live broadcasts! This may be my favorite way to connect! Come join the conversation! 

What are you up to this weekend?! Connect with me and let me know!