re:write teaser post!

Cozying up on a plush oversized sectional couch in the grand hotel lobby, I got to know my ‪#‎tweetmeet‬ friend. We connected first, via Twitter , after I registered for the 2015 re:write conference. She was traveling to Austin from Los Angeles, and our flights were due to arrive around the same time. We arranged to meet before the conference kicked off. After taking in the guitar and longhorn adorned wall art of my Texas hotel, I glanced down at my Twitter notifications to verify our meeting. I looked up to see Danise coming towards me, with a Hollywood worthy smile and outstretched hands. (I should have know, I thought, even the authors in Los Angeles are gorgeous!) Her energy was fierce, and her inviting spirit was magnetic. But behind the 140 characters, was a real woman with a heart, soul, and true wisdom. We dialogued back and forth getting to know each other more. You know, I was still hyped up on diet coke, coffee, and the real life handsome cowboy from baggage claim, I could hardly focus on one topic before jumping over to the next. I just knew I wanted to soak as much in as I could!
Danise didn’t come to the conference with inspiration and encouragement that stops at a retweet or cutesy instagram graphic. This is a woman who is about real relationships. Her wisdom is rooted in God’s word and she has seen it in action. As the director of the transitions program at the LA Dream Center, Danise knows first hand how God can free us from life’s most devastating obstacles. Everyday she gives women the tools to not only overcome, but live a fulfilled life. As we sat there in preparation to learn more about our craft, I felt in my heart that God’s purpose in my weekend more about my heart and healing journey than my writing. With nervous anticipation, I checked in my room and hardly slept a wink….
(to be continued.....)

More to blog and share soon, dear friends. Keep checking back!

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