I wish I could send this book through a time machine and let it land in the hands of my twenty two year old self! In her book, Pretty, Breaking Free from the Illusions of a Superficial Life, Tammy Strait, pulls back the curtain on the "pretty life" we so often strive for. She encourages the reader to dig deeper by examining the lies we believe and the illusions we submit to.  Tammy does not just stop at helping uncover our authentic selves.  She guides us through the brokenness and weaknesses of our hearts and lives to a place where healing, renewal, and ultimately a more truthful identity can take shape.  Pretty exposes the raw and real, but is overflowing in hope and love. This is the kind of book that will not collect dust on my bookshelf, it is a book that will continue to provide wisdom in my life and nourishment to my soul! 

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Meet Tammy! 

For more information on Tammy, you can follow her at Grace UnCommon blog

Cheers, sweet friends!

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