Bring on the Rain

I have never liked the rain. Not one bit.  It really gets in the way of my shoe choice therefore throwing off my entire wardrobe selection for the day. Plus, my struggle with balance is really put to the test when I add an umbrella and drenched rain coat to the mix.  It’s just not cute. I could invest in a pair of red Hunter boots I have wanted for years, yeah, that might help the cause. But, alas, until Kate Middleton invites me to the English country side, I will survive without them. :sigh:
And, no, I am not one of those folks who participates in the elevator chatter about, “Well, we need the rain.” Nope. Not this chick. I do not have a green thumb, so my non existent garden is not suffering. Instead of stomping my foot and cursing the downpour, I tend to just give a nod, and take a sip of my giant overpriced Americano.

I awoke this morning to thunder and rain. And it’s Tuesday. (Tuesdays to me have long been ‘the new Monday’) Ah ha! How truly divine is our God. What is this feeling? Not annoyance or gloominess. I walked outside my folks home to feed my dad’s cat. (He always had a knack for making strays into pets. Dad, if you are reading this, I REFUSE to become a cat lady. I have to draw the line somewhere. So no more strays!) I listened to the rain. I looked at the rain. And it was good. Very good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

All this time I thought I was a “I need sunshine” and “clear skies” kind of girl to feel the presence of the Lord. But today, I HEARD His presence and felt His WASHING.