I was hangry. (you know that self induced #turkeychallenge I mentioned this morning) It was in full effect and there was no option for stress eating. But it was Monday and naturally manic. I know the immediate challenges will be completed soon, but the hours and days in my closing daddy’s practice can sometimes seem endless. (Please do not misinterpret, I have been overwhelmed with support, guidance, and assistance.) I was staring at several piles of papers unable to decide which one to tackle next when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door, and was greeted by nothing short of a gift. My friend was there. Wait. But how? Right in front of me. Hugging me.

Meeting as Clemson theatre students and reconnecting as actors in Los Angeles, my friend has taken the film world by storm and created an amazing life for herself in production. The woman who sat with me today reflecting on old times and dreaming of future days is the epitome of talent, grace, intelligence, drive, and heart. Life changes us and the years shape us, but this dear friend hunted me down and FOUND me in my dad’s office to see me when she was in the area. Note to self: next time, even when the incoming calls seem never ending, DO NOT decline when the incoming call is from BEVERLY HILLS.❤️

I am beaming with joy tonight at the woman you are and have always been, and the nourishment and encouragement you have given my soul. <3