Everybody gets a tip!

This week we are tackling IG’s new algorithm and how you can stay connected to your customers. If you are spending all your time curating a beautiful feed and none on utilizing the stories feature, then my friends, you are missing a huge opportunity on this platform. Things have changed and the old way won’t work. Try posting on IG stories three times during the next week. Track your views(Message me and I’ll show you how!) and see what happens between your first and third story! Not a business? Don’t track your views. That’s unhealthy. But do jump on stories. It’s a breath of fresh air, I tell ya! And Let’s make social media fun again!🤩🤩🤩🤩

New Morning Mercies Devotional

Every day you preach to yourself some kind of gospel-a false ‘I can't do this’ gospel or the true ‘I have all I need in Christ’ gospel. 
I find myself saying it over & over again. When I do, people often laugh, but I'm really quite serious. No one is more influential in your life than you are because no one talks to you more than you do. Its a fact that you & I are in an endless conversation with ourselves. In this inner discussion, we’re always talking about God, life, others, & ourselves, & the things we say to ourselves are very important because they are formative of the things we desire, choose, say & do. What have you been saying to you? What have you been saying to you about yourself? What have you been saying to you about God? What have you been saying to you about life, meaning & purpose, right and wrong, true and false, and good & bad?
In Psalm 42, we are invited to eavesdrop on a man’s private preaching Yes, you read it right; like us, the psalmist was always preaching some kind of gospel to himself. We either preach to ourselves a gospel of loneliness, poverty, and inability or the true gospel of God’s presence, power, and constant provision. You are preaching to yourself a gospel that produces fear and timidity or one the propels you with courage and hope. You are preaching to yourself of a God who is distant, passive, and uncaring or of a God who is near, caring and active. You are always preaching to yourself a gospel that cause you to rest in his wisdom or a gospel that produces a bit of panic because it seems as if there are no answers to be found.
 Today, when it feels as if no one understands, what gospel will you preach to you? When you are tempted to give way to despondency or fear, what will you say to you? It really is true--no one talks to you more than you do. So God in his grace has given you his Word so that you may preach to yourself what is true in those moments when the only one talking to you is you. 📝Paul David Tripp